Refreshing the Fountain – A Call to Prayer

Acts 2:42 tells us that the early church was built on a foundation of prayer.  It was one of the things that the early church did continuously.  They had added 3000 that day and a subsequent 5000.  Prayer wasn’t the only thing they were doing but it was certainly one of the most important.  When Jesus was challenged by the religious leaders of His day, he spent a night in prayer and then appointed a ministry team.  He essentially found his purpose and appointed people who would be able to fulfill it (including Judas Iscariot).

Istock-photo-source-of-spring-water-bottle-filling-holding-hand-in-pyrenees-mountain-65501929f we are going to see revitalization take place, then we must be a people of prayer.  We must want it enough to make praying for it a priority.  We can have all the workshops, meetings and make as many plans as we like but if we are not willing to pray for revitalization it will not take place.  When Elijah prayed, God kept the rains from Israel.  When Samson prayed, his strength was renewed.  When the disciples prayed the Spirit of God fell on the church and empowered them to turn the world upside down.

So, what will happen when we pray?  God only knows.  But, I am certain of what will happen if we don’t, nothing at all and Pinecroft will simply be a memory of times gone by.  So, I am calling the church to prayer.  I am asking that you include the revitalization effort in your personal prayer time.  I also have some other planned prayer times and they will be announced in the very near future.  I am grateful for you for I know this post will not fall on hard hearts but on people who love Jesus and Pinecroft.

Blessing and grace,

Pastor Charlie