squirrellogo2.jpgNew Youth T-shirts

The youth have decided to now be known as the Pinecroft Squirrels. It’s a funny, cute and special name. Let them explain and I am sure you will be laughing with us. But the great thing is these new shirts will open great conversations and allow our students to share the Gospel. I am sure they will get LOTS of questions


The shirts will be Lime green with the squirrel above on the front. We are asking students to pay $5 toward their shirt. This will help defray some of the cost. As always, if there is a financial issue, just give me a call. No one will do without, if I can help it. We want all the youth to have one.

We are hoping we will have these by youth Sunday and we will wear them that morning.

Other info: I am attaching info on dates to know. Please make sure your student signs up for all events they plan to attend. We have lot’s coming up over the summer and still more dates to add (Local Missions Opportunities that are still yet to be determined)

I love serving with your young people and look forward to all these events. Also on a personal note, THANK YOU for all your prayers and visits during my illness. It meant the world to me that you all took your time to visit and pray. I love you all. And I am very glad to be back with you all.

Love you all, Shelley


2017 spring youth Dates to Know.jpgPinecroft Youth Goals

  • Grow loving young adults into Christ followers that share their faith
  • Grow loving young adults into Prayer warriors
  • Grow loving young adults into disciples of Christ that will go out and make more disciples

At Pinecroft we have a very active youth group. Not only do we have our Sunday activities, we also go on mission trips, serve in the church, and attend many different activities.

Sunday Mornings 

Sunday School (9:45am)

Teachers: Shelley Neal and Pastor Charlie Waller

During Sunday School we will spend time in Bible Study where we will learn all about the Bible, and how it applies to our lives today.

Worship (11:00am)

Our youth join worship with the rest of our church. We worship together in Spirit and in Truth. Our teens serve during our worship. Most of our youth serve in the sound booth, choir, band, and as junior ushers. We believe that we all should be serving somewhere and age is not a limiter. We love that our youth love to serve.

Sunday Evenings (5:00pm-6:30pm)

Teachers: Shelley Neal and Brannon Young

Sunday evenings our youth meet up in the youth room to dig deeper into the Bible. We also learn how to pray, how to worship, and how to live as Christ would want us to. This group is an open and loving group where the teens trust one another and openly share during lessons.

Other Events and More

IMG_4008 Each year we have a very active calendar… We will have a couple of lock-ins, Missions projects, Summer Mission Trip (We Fundraise Our Fees), Youth Sunday, and there are also opportunities for the Youth to participate in the Christmas Cantata…. and I am sure there will be much, much, more….

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to call or email us.



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